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Help Bring this Movie to Life

There are five methods of contribution that can be made to bring this movie to the big screen and bring hope and healing to the attention of the world.

  1. Contribution: Any monetary amount between $5 - $999. These donations are extraordinarily powerful in numbers.

    For more on Contributions click here.

  2. Tax-Deductible Contributions: $50.00 to a million dollars through IFP, our fiscal sponsor.

    Click here for the PDF Form

  3. Investment: Investment opportunities are available for contributions of $10,000.00 and greater. The 16-page investment package is available upon request. Film Production investment is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE under the American Jobs Creation Act from 2004. Please email or call 310-360-4831 for more information.

  4. "In Kind" Donations: There are so many things needed for the making of the film that you might be able to help in a way that you never expected. Frequent Flier miles are a wonderful way to donate to our production team. There is a tremendous amount of travel that takes place during the production process. Many individuals have services and talents that would help defray our usual costs and we are open to suggestions and ideas if you can think of a way that your business, company or organization can contribute, email or call 310-360-4831 to participate.

  5. Product Placement: Advertising your product, service or company in a film creates lasting recognition. We are open to placing products in appropriate places in the film in exchange for advertising dollars. Your company may also be mentioned as a sponsor on our website and listed on our links page. Email or call 310-360-4831 to discuss product placement opportunities.

Many people have expressed the wish to help spread the word about Dr. Miller’s work. This film offers a unique opportunity to do so. Your help is tremendously appreciated.