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Help Bring this Movie to Life

The approximate cost to film a movie is $6,000.00 per minute. Needless to say, we have to raise a lot of dollars for a 90-minute feature. Emmett Miller, my co-producer and I are most grateful for any and all contributions of ANY amount to help with this worthy project.

$50.00 will fill up our gas tank in the van when we are driving from location to location hauling camera equipment and crew.

$100.00 will pay for the rental of a microphone that will be used for the sound while we interview one of our main characters (for one day).

$150.00 will buy lunch one day for our crew, and we work a typical 12-14 hour day with only a 30 minute break for lunch. The nourishment is essential to give us fuel for the rest of the day’s work.

$200.00 will pay for the rental of a special long lens for one day for special shots through a window to enhance the production value.

$250.00 will pay for our overnight delivery of “Dailies” so we can see what we shot the previous day and know what we still need to finish a scene.

$300.00 will pay for the transcription of one of our interviews so that we can start the edit process.

$350.00 will pay for one light rental for one day when we are interviewing someone in a dark room.

$400.00 will pay for one quarter of the insurance we need in order to be able to rent equipment for the shoot.

$450.00 will pay for the director’s flight to interview an important person in the film who is located in Vermont.

$500.00 will pay for one archival photograph.

$750.00 will pay for a half-day’s work in a recording studio for the score.

And the list goes on and on………. since we will probably be working on this film for at least one year you can see how we will constantly be multiplying these numbers.

Checks should be made out to Empire Picture Corporation and mailed to:

EPC c/o Jerri Sher
851 No. San Vicente Blvd. #101
West Hollywood, CA 90069.

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With our heartfelt thanks,
Jerri Sher & Emmett Miller, MD
Empire Picture Corporation