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Frequently Asked Questions

How powerful is my mind really? Incredibly powerful!

Can I will myself to get better? Yes!

Can I adjust my emotions to serve me rather than work against me? Definitely!

Can I use my mind to achieve peak performance and create success? Certainly!

Can my mind affect my body’s responses to illnesses, like cancer, stroke or physical injury? Absolutely!

Why don’t I already know how to do these things?
As the old saying goes, the last person to understand the nature of water is a fish. A fish cannot understand how water could be used to provide hydroelectric power or run a steam engine or make a cup of coffee. The fish is in water all the time, and thus is unaware of its existence. Yet the nature of the water is crucial to his health.

In a similar manner, everything you think, feel, say or do takes place through your mind. And though you think we are seeing or perceiving accurately, you are usually totally unaware of how past experiences, expectations and early life events control everything you feel, think, say or do. And you are probably in denial of this fact.

But when we recognize this and learn how to gain control of our inner mental mechanisms, we can tap from a vast set of inner resources, and transform our lives and our world. Your mind holds the secret of how to heal yourself, fulfill your life’s purpose, and achieve your heart’s desire. LIVE LIFE will show you how to do this and you’ll experience the extraordinary stories of people who have done it. You will discover that the passion, wisdom and power they unleashed lies within you too and you will learn how to gain access to them.

Visit our page that show summaries of some of the thousands of clinical studies performed in recent years demonstrating the central role the mind plays in the functioning of the body, and its healing. But who needs a study? Just look at the number of times you’ve heard people say (or said yourself), “I really know the best thing for me is to quit this habit or make this important change, but I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do it.” Or look at how a problem at work can give you a headache, or fear can knot up your belly! The thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself in relation to the world around you produce images that directly affect how your body functions . . . or doesn’t function.

Imagery is the language your brain uses to talk to itself, to create emotions, and to control the movement and functioning of your body. Your mental images are the result of the thoughts you are currently thinking, or have thought in the past. So your thoughts create your imagery, which in turn creates the behavior of your body, inside and out. (Internally there are your illnesses and dysfunctions, physical and emotional; externally there are your interactions with the world, (what you communicate, how you act, and what your habits are). You will see how healing and success follow when you are able to modify and powerfully direct your thoughts, emotions, and mental images.

You Are What You Think

Ultimately, the key is to guide your mind to positively impact your brain, your body’s most highly evolved organ. It can be intentionally induced to relax away the toxic influences of excessive physical and emotional activity (fatigue, fear, depression, anger, muscle tension), and to restore balance and energy. Your brain is an endocrine gland, a chemical factory. Your mind, through its innermost thoughts, beliefs and images, induces your brain to secrete the chemicals that create your emotions, the state of your body, your ongoing experiences, and all your behaviors. Health or illness, happiness or misery, success or failure – these are the results of your inner imagery. Learning to control this imagery is central to self-healing.

What is Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind-body medicine is the field of scientific, philosophical and medical inquiry into how the human mind, body, emotion and spirit interact with each other so as to maintain health. The practice of Mind-Body Medicine involves drawing on the strengths of each of these, balancing their energies, and protecting and nurturing those parts that are sensitive and vulnerable. Old-fashioned Remedial Medicine (an earlier paradigm) focuses almost exclusively on using drugs and surgery to fight against illness, which it sees as the enemy. Mind-Body Medicine aims to enhance the mind's capacity to positively affect bodily functions and symptoms, with the aim of nurturing what is healthy, accelerating healing, and preventing future illness. The stars of Live Life employ a wide variety of Mind-Body skills – but the one tool that they all use, in one form or another is Guided Imagery.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery, generally recognized as the most powerful tool of Mind-Body Medicine, is a deceptively simple technique for creating relaxation and healing. Deceptively subtle, the results Guided Imagery produces can be profound and immediate. Moreover, it not only functions comfortably and synergistically with other ongoing therapies, it enhances them.

Intentionally guiding your images gives you great power because mental images bypass cognitive thought (worry, distraction, over-analysis) and sends healing messages directly to the deeper levels of your brain (sub cortical structures), then to every cell of your being. These messages travel over primal sensory- and emotion-based pathways in your nervous and immune system. The Right Brain’s ability to sense, perceive, and feel bypasses the inhibitory effect of the Left Brain’s tendency to think, analyze, criticize, judge and decide. Freed of its limits, you create the life you want to have.

Mind-Body Healing – Reality, Not Just Theory

Legitimate medical practitioners practice “evidence-based medicine.” As you will see below, clinical evidence for the success of mind-body techniques is overwhelming. So successful that if a pharmaceutical company could produce a drug that was this effective in so many different diseases, you would see advertisements for it several times an hour.

Many of the experts you will see in this film are the ones who originally created the field of Mind-Body Medicine in the 1970s. The profound changes in our patients were obvious, but double-blind studies, the gold standard of scientific credibility, had not yet been performed. The 1980s and 1990s saw the initiation and completion of thousands of clinical studies showing dramatic clinical effectiveness. Now, no legitimate practitioner can seriously doubt the central role of the mind in creating and resolving the majority of our illnesses. Mind-Body Medicine is the New Medicine. Check it out for yourself.

Clinical Studies Demonstrating the Power of the Mind

The best kind of Most clinical studies are done on a wide variety of people. Most people engaging in these studies have had little or no experience with relaxation or imagery. In addition, many had little motivation or preparation. Still the results are impressive. Imagine what even more remarkable results may be possible if people believe, and are strongly motivated? Here are a few of the thousands of studies revealing the wide applicability and remarkable effectiveness of Mind-Body Approaches. Click on a topic to learn more, and check out the reference for more details.

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