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LIVE LIFE: it’s like CRASH meets the SECRET

With unflinching honesty, LIVE LIFE reveals the powerful stories of (10) ordinary people from wildly disparate walks of life as they embark on their healing journey. Filmmaker Jerri Sher peels back the layers of Ms. Elster’s rape, breast cancer and physical trauma that led her to Dr. Emmett Miller’s guided imagery tapes. Her healing transformation inspired her to spearhead the monumental legal change in amending the CA statute of limitations to be unlimited when DNA evidence is available. In a remarkable expose, folk singer Joan Baez explains conquering her inner demons of severe stage fright. Learn why she has become a living legend, the “Queen of non-violence.” Experience the love of Fred Segal and learn what inspired him to write the book "Love One Another". Discover how positive focus empowered Super Bowl football player, Roger Craig, to gain peak performance and score a touchdown in a playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings.

You will find out how your thoughts and emotions affect your health. The scientific and medical documentation is provided throughout by top leaders in the field. Dr. Candace B. Pert (WHAT THE BLEEP) explains how we make new neurons every minute and Dr. Emmett Miller, eminent Mind/Body Science guru shows us how we only use 10% of our brain. Learn why Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D. says,” Nothing on this earth gives you more energy than a bean!” and how Tovah studied his dietary methods and healed her debilitating rheumatoid arthritis.

With all reasonable hope gone after the diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor, 9 year old Will chose against chemotherapy, and turned instead to CranioSacral therapy by Dr. John Upledger, supplemented with acupuncture, guided imagery and a vegan diet. Jerri follows his family and Will, who has long outlived his prognosis, chronicling the adventures of this brave youngster as he explains his unusual healing regimen for the past 7 years.

Through these startling stories of the lives of our protagonists, we learn volumes about their pain, suffering and fear, as well as their courage, bravery, and faith. As the film unravels and the people are transformed, we see how they now live life with a new sense of health and happiness even though allopathic medicine had given up on them. The documentary LIVE LIFE paints a new picture with deep insights into the essence of the healing process introducing alternatives to mainstream medical approaches. The result is a movie that inspires, astonishes and reveals how you can heal yourself differently. These discoveries will offer you a chance to show you how to guide an extraordinary force to heal your body and your mind; and improve the quality of your life, no matter at what level you presently function. Now you can awaken your inner power!